About to languages

Gilberto Carmenate García <>
Sat Jan 1 17:14:23 CET 2011

Hi Edmond, well trust me, I know Spanish very well “I was born speaking
Spanish” and compared to English is true that it’s more expressive but for
me it’s just a lot of words trying to express what cannot be expressed.
English is more magic and we have to use the imagination to believe
whatever we want to believe in our own language in our own mind, that’s
what makes the magic in a language, that’s why Erlang is so magic too,
because we can do almost anything just with a bit of words.
I’ve been never talk in English with anybody because I’ve been never had
the chance before, But I know someday I will, oh trust me you really don’t
what you miss, talking to a girl, expressing your feelings to that girl in
that so magic Language, I think she will not resist me lol. Well I have so
much to learn just yet but I think I could write a novel some day lol.

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