[erlang-questions] more github than Erlang: how do I quickly get to a patch?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sat Apr 30 08:41:37 CEST 2011


I noticed a post with an interesting fix to Erlang. The link in the mail is:

  git fetch git://github.com/falkevik/otp.gitopt_disable_of_flowctrl_for_run_erl_shell

How I get from the above to seeing a patch, instantly?

Ways which don't work:

  - cutting and pasting github.com/falkevik/
    otp.gitopt_disable_of_flowctrl_for_run_erl_shell to a browser
    gets me a 404 from github (with a neat parallax effect)

  - doing the same with the missing space between 'git' and 'opt' reinserted
    gets me a 500 from github (without any neat picture)

  - cutting and pasting github.com/falkevik/otp gets me the repo,
    then I have to use 'switch branches' to get to the right branch,
    and then I still have no idea which commit is the interesting one.

  - clicking on 'network' in the hope of seeing where the branch
    started gets me a spinning "loading graph data". I tire of that
    after 30s.

I then gave up trying to find a github shortcut and just did this:

  git checkout pu
  git log --author=falke
  git show d0775cd6

which is easy and does exactly what I want, but requires me to be
logged in to a machine with the repo. (ok, I didn't fetch, so that
doesn't show me his later patches, but that's actually what I wanted)

Better suggestions? Or is the only easy way to be logged in to a
machine that happens to have the repo on it?


(thanks for the patch, Jonas, it solves a nasty problem I didn't even
realise I had)

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