[erlang-questions] Do you want to co-found a startup?

Jane Walerud jane@REDACTED
Wed Apr 27 19:16:00 CEST 2011

Some of you may know of me; I helped get Erlang released as open source, was
CEO of Bluetail, and have helped 10 more companies into existence since
Bluetail. You may know of some of them: Klarna, Lensway, Tobii Technology,
and Midsummer. All of those companies - and Bluetail, of course - are
definite successes; three more are still quite likely to succeed (Teclo
Networks is looking very good indeed :), and three have not done well. My
hit rate is excellent.

I am now interested in helping another company into existence. The company
will be a web company and will do rather a lot of data mining. I don't want
to say much more in this forum. The current founding group of three are
young, intelligent, hard working, charming and well educated. They are one
sales/marketing communications oriented business person, one math/statistics
whiz, and one process oriented, financial business person.

They need someone to build the infrastructure. In other words, they need a
co-founder. The person we're looking for fits the above description, and is
able and eager to do the architecture, build a system that will grow with
the company, and participate in discussions about what to do and when.

I will not be active in the day to day operations of the company myself;
Teclo Networks takes almost all my time, but I will definitely be around.
(I've had to quit Venture Cup, Vinnova, and my last board position to make
time for this new baby company)

Location: Stockholm.

If you want this opportunity, contact me at jane at walerud dot com.

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