[erlang-questions] Ubuntu, Erlang, and Laptop Questions

Kenji Rikitake kenji.rikitake@REDACTED
Tue Apr 26 09:06:09 CEST 2011

+1. Asus AspireOne 150 also works just alright on Ubuntu, Windows XP,
and FreeBSD.
Kenji Rikitake

++> Des Small <small@REDACTED> [2011-04-22 08:13:56 +0200]:
> On Thu, 21 Apr 2011, Eric Merritt wrote:
> >Any laptop just about will work. I would suggest you go with something
> >that has multiple cores so you get true concurrency off the bat. Just
> >about every laptop has that now though.
> At the bottom end, I have had occasion to use Erlang on my Asus eee
> netbook with 1 Gb of RAM and a single-core Atom processor.  (You can
> get these for under EUR 200 these days.)
> It isn't very fast and I'm very glad it isn't my main development
> environment, but it does work OK and it fits neatly into my
> handluggage for flights.
> Cheers,
> Des
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> Des Small,
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