[erlang-questions] use only parts of a release

Per Melin per.melin@REDACTED
Fri Apr 22 18:58:28 CEST 2011

On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM, Pablo Platt <pablo.platt@REDACTED> wrote:
> Is it possible to unpack the release manually? (the deb package will do it).

release_handler:unpack_release/1 does more than just untar. See next item.

> 8. created a new RELEASES file (is it required?).

No, RELEASES should only be created for the initial release. Once it
exists release_handler will update it when you call unpack_release/1,
install_release/1,2, make_permanent/1 etc.

> 11. /usr/lib/myserver/bin/myserver attach
> release_handler:unpack_release("myserver_2").
> {error,{enoent,"/usr/lib/myserver/releases/myserver_2.rel"}}
> Why am I getting the enoent error?

I don't use rebar for releases so I can't help you here. I don't know
why this file didn't exist.

> 12. trying to fix the error - copy manually the myserver_2.rel file to
> /usr/lib/myserver/releases
> release_handler:unpack_release("myserver_2").
> {error,{{case_clause,{error,eacces}},
>         [{release_handler,extract_tar,2},
>          {release_handler,do_unpack_release,4},
>          {release_handler,handle_call,3},
>          {gen_server,handle_msg,5},
>          {proc_lib,init_p_do_apply,3}]}}

The obvious guess here would be that the user running the Erlang VM
doesn't have write access to all the paths in the tar.

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