[erlang-questions] Module config data and functional programming

Daniel Dormont dan@REDACTED
Fri Apr 22 16:32:28 CEST 2011

Thanks that helps. I'm not too worried about the code change, because I think given the way Ejabberd works I'd typically need to stop the module before upgrading it anyway.

It also occurs to me that switching to gen_server would offer another advantage in that it would be easy to recover from crashes in my own code. If I were not to do that though, is the recommended practice just to put a 'catch' call around code that might break?


On Apr 22, 2011, at 5:34 AM, Per Melin wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 8:54 PM, Daniel Dormont
> <dan@REDACTED> wrote:
>> start(Host, Opts) -> ejabberd_hooks:add(some_hook, global, ?MODULE, some_function).
>> stop(Host) -> ejabberd_hooks:delete(some_hook, global, ?MODULE, some_function).
>> some_function(List) -> lists:filter(fun my_filter/1, List).
>> my_filter(Value) -> %complex logic here%
>> The idea being that the module can be initialized with some options that were passed from a config file. FYI, ejabberd_hooks is used to register and unregister callbacks for certain events.
>> What I have above works fine, but now I'm in a situation where my_filter needs access to data that came from Opts.
> I've never used ejabberd but I peeked at the documentation for
> ejabberd_hooks:add/3,4,5 and it looks like you can also give it a fun.
> So a closure could carry the value of Opts for you:
> start(_Host, Opts) -> ejabberd_hooks:add(some_hook, make_hook_fun(Opts), 1).
> make_hook_fun(Opts) ->
>    fun(List) ->
>        lists:filter(fun(Value) -> my_filter(Value, Opts) end, List)
>    end.
> my_filter(Value, Opts) -> %complex logic here%
> The problem then becomes your stop function since
> ejabberd_hooks:delete/3,4,5 needs to be passed the exact same fun it
> seems. You would need to either hold on to the return value of
> make_hook_fun(Opts) or the Opts themselves and pass that to the stop
> function.
> There is also the issue of code updates. If ejabberd stores your fun
> in an ETS table and you reload your module with a different version of
> make_hook_fun/1 then the fun in ETS will crash the next time it is
> invoked.

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