[erlang-questions] use only parts of a release

Pablo Platt pablo.platt@REDACTED
Thu Apr 21 21:42:03 CEST 2011


How does release_handler get the info of the current release?
Is it possible to copy only parts of a release and use it on another machine with an erlang installation
but still be able to use hot code upgrades?

I'm creating a deb package from a release generated with rebar.
I copy myapp, the releases folder and a modified start script to /usr/lib/ in the install file of the deb package:

../../myapp/rel/myapp/lib/myapp* /usr/lib/myapp/lib
../../myapp/rel/myapp/releases /usr/lib/myapp

The myapp/bin/myapp script is updated with the new paths.

I'm able to install and run myapp but release_handler:which_releases() show the info of the default erlang runtime instead of my release.
How can I fix it?

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