[erlang-questions] Gproc synchronization primitives?

Gregory Haskins gregory.haskins@REDACTED
Tue Apr 19 23:18:20 CEST 2011

Does any mechanism exist to synchronize with the distribution protocol
in gproc?  Heres what I am running into at the moment:

I have an FSM which runs out at an arbitrary end-point that registers a
bunch of {p, g, } properties:


Later, that FSM might receive an async event that the "controller"
service is now available which compels the FSM process to communicate
with that remote process:


The problem with my current design is the controller_api:join() RPC is
expecting to have visibility to the properties registered in the gproc
namespace.  Given that the FSM in question and the gproc distribution
mechanism are independent entities, I have thus introduced a race
condition (and one that almost always loses, I am finding).

Here are some possible ways to fix it:

1) some kind of gproc:sync() primitive, or even gproc:sync(Node).  Not
sure if this already exists, could be easily invented if not, or would
be frowned upon?

2) use gproc:await() (and friends) to discover the controller, with the
premise being that "if I can see you, you can presumably see me".  Not
sure if this assumption is true?

3) Stop trying to use gproc in a timing sensitive way? (FWIW: I used to
pass the property-list as a parameter in the RPC before I switched over
the gproc, which of course did not have the race issue).

Any other suggestions?

Kind Regards,

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