[erlang-questions] Confusing about gproc with global properties

Gregory Haskins gregory.haskins@REDACTED
Mon Apr 18 21:18:09 CEST 2011

On 4/18/11 12:56 PM, Ulf Wiger wrote:
> Hmpf! Thanks. Corrected, and some eunit tests added for good measure. :)
> v0.2.1 pushed.

(gproctest@REDACTED)3> gproc:reg({p, g, foo}, bar).
(gproctest@REDACTED)4> gproc:reg({p, l, foo}, bar).
(gproctest@REDACTED)5> qlc:e(qlc:q([P || P <- gproc:table(props)])).

Fix confirmed ;)

Thanks Ulf,

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