[erlang-questions] Runtime checking for types

Ken Robinson kenrobinsonster@REDACTED
Sun Apr 17 17:11:30 CEST 2011

I know this sounds crazy but I was wondering if there was some runtime
check for types. I've created an abstract data type in an .erl (see
below). I want to now pattern match

-opaque u16int() :: 0..(1 bsl 16 - 1).
-record(headerrec, {message_id :: u16int()}).
-opaque headerrec() :: #headerrec{}.

I can do a runtime test like so:
foo(#headerrec{} = HeaderRec) ->

What I would like to do is test for the new type similar to the gaurds
is_record() and the like. Any ideas? I realize I can put this all in a
.hrl file but this would break the encapsualtion.

Ken Robinson
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