[erlang-questions] [ANN] misultin v0.7

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Tue Apr 12 21:06:40 CEST 2011

2011/4/12 Robert Virding <robert.virding@REDACTED>

> Roberto,
> I am only a casual writer of webservers and Misultin has worked well so
> far. It has been easy to use and has had sufficient features for what I
> need. BUT couldn't you make a misultin-- without parametrized modules using
> only standard erlang for us users who prefer classic Erlang? :-)
> Robert

Hi all,

you may now decide whether you use parametrized modules in Misultin or not.

If you decide to use them, you simply go by the current examples. If you
decide not to use them, you can refer to the modules 'misultin_req' and
'misultin_ws' for request and websockets respectively.

For example, the hello world callback function for parametrized modules is:

handle_http(Req) ->
    Req:ok("Hello World.").

The same without parametrized modules will go:

handle_http(Req) ->
    misultin_req:ok("Hello World.", Req).

Hopefully this will please more than one (Robert, I'm looking at you :) ).
It is currently up in master, which is 0.7.1-dev:

thank you to yrashk, nox and essen.

Any comments welcome.

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