[erlang-questions] Dialyzer site @ NTUA

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Sun Apr 10 11:54:06 CEST 2011

We are happy to announce the availability of one more site for Dialyzer:


The main reason for the existence of the new site is to offer the
Erlang open source community the possibility to have a sneak preview
of the effectiveness of some new analyses of Dialyzer, which have not
been included in Erlang/OTP yet, so as to allow developers to possibly
take some action with respect to the new warnings that the analyses
produce and for us to receive the community's feedback on them.

For that purpose we have gathered over 150 Erlang projects, run
Dialyzer on them and put the results on the relevant pages of the
site. There are currently separate sections for:

- the version included in Erlang/OTP's 'dev' branch
- an experimental version that focuses on some kinds of possible
   concurrency errors (races, deadlocks, etc.)
- an experimental version that employs a stronger type inference which
   tracks argument-result dependencies

The site is designed to be easily and regularly updated with new
versions of the projects; it's quite possible that for some projects
we are not using the official/latest code base. The application list
page located at http://dialyzer.softlab.ntua.gr/apps is designed to
reflect actions taken by the developers of the projects to eliminate
Dialyzer's warnings.

We have also set up a new mail alias (see the "contact" page) to
collect feedback for both the site and for Dialyzer in general. Feel
free to send comments/feedback there instead of this mailing list, if
more appropriate.

Kostis Sagonas (for the NTUA dialyzer team)

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