[erlang-questions] Re: How to remove \ from string

Muhammad Yousaf muhammad.yousaf@REDACTED
Wed Apr 6 19:36:46 CEST 2011

Thanks a lot but i only want to remove backslash not double quotes for example
Val = <<"{get,\"user\",\"wilson\",\"lname\"}">> ,
i need Val= <<"{get,"user","wilson","lname"}">>
what i am doing with your help 

re:replace(Val,["\\"],"",[global, {return,list}]). getting error[X||X<-"{get,\"user\",\"wilson\",\"lname\"}",X=/=$\\]. 
also dont work on backslash any idea how can i remove only backslashes from string or binary
thanks in advance

Muhammad Yousaf

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