[erlang-questions] hi all, how to write the reltool config file to exclude .svn directory when making target system

yu xue xueyu32@REDACTED
Fri Apr 1 09:35:17 CEST 2011

I made a project with erlang, now, I am using reltool to make target system.

I am using svn to control the project version, so, there is a .svn directory
in then priv directory,

I want to exclude the .svn directory when makeing target system, the partial
config rule I wrote as below, but it does not work,

I wish anyone could help me ,thanks very much.

>                    {incl_app_filters,["^ebin/","^priv/"]},
>                    {incl_archive_filters,["^priv/"]},
>                    {excl_archive_filters,["\.svn"]}
>                    ]}
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