Problems with erl_call

Simon Hillerbring <>
Wed Oct 6 10:16:34 CEST 2010

I have problems using erl_call with negative integers in the argument
list for -a.
Is there a way around this problem?


I have no problems with integer_to_list(1), but I get no reply at all
for integer_to_list(-1):
sol:~> erl_call -c COOKIE -sname  -a 'erlang integer_to_list
"1"sol:~> erl_call -c COOKIE -sname  -a 'erlang
integer_to_list [-1]'

I see no problems when I run it with -v, but the call seems to
sol:~> erl_call -c COOKIE -sname  -a 'erlang integer_to_list
[-1]' -v
erl_call: node = 
Cookie = COOKIE
flags =  verbosep
module: name =  , size = 0
apply = erlang integer_to_list [-1]
erl_call: we are now connected to node ""
erl_call: module = erlang, function = integer_to_list, args = [-1]

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