database retrieve problem

NavaTux <>
Sun Mar 28 18:37:02 CEST 2010

I wanna to use the query to retrieve some results from the database,so
i used these lines

event(continue) ->
  	[Name] = wf:q(no_id),
  	Message = wf:f("The Result is~p", [Name]),
	ConnString = "DSN=mysqldb",
	{ok, Conn} = odbc:connect(ConnString, []),
  	[Results] = odbc:sql_query(Conn, "SELECT * FROM marks where id=1"),
event(_) -> ok.

but i am unable to get the output,Here continue is the postback for
button,here what goes wrong?

I am getting output in my terminal is

=INFO REPORT==== 28-Mar-2010::21:56:22 ===
ERROR: error

id,tamil,english,maths,science are database fields....

please help me
as well as i wanna know how to flash the output that i retrieved from
the database in my webpage..

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