[erlang-questions] Reading (and ignoring) escape-sequences

Mazen Harake <>
Sun Mar 28 11:31:49 CEST 2010

I get your point but you don't get mine. I _know_ that there is no way 
out of the unambiguity part of escape sequences but it can be made a 
_little easier for me (the developer)_ by letting Erlang guess for me.
> And somehow Erlang is being slagged off for not making it easy,
> when *no* language actually makes it easy?
So in other words I should have said "easier". Hope this makes you less 
puzzled. "slagging off" Erlang is a bit of a far stretch I'd say but I 
do question things for the sake of discussions and improvements.
> If the terminal in question is a separate physical terminal,
> perhaps connected through a serial port, then you are stuck
> with the inherently unreliable dodge of educated guesswork,
> just like ncurses.
I implemented it as a C driver using ncurses' educated guesswork instead 
of my own by creating some kind of sync-over-async-call to ncurses. Fair 
enough it isn't very difficult but if I could have called it in Erlang, 
e,g, io:getch() and Erlang would have returned "Ummm... I think it is 
UpArrow" it _still_ would have been easier wouldn't it?

That is my only point; it could have been made "easier" to reach an 
educated guess by letting Erlang guess for me.



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