[erlang-questions] nxdomain error

Dominic Williams <>
Sat Mar 27 14:02:15 CET 2010


Le 27 mars 2010 à 13:21, NavaTux a écrit :

> what is error nxdomain,when i open the sample application this error
> shown like these
> ERROR REPORT==== 27-Mar-2010::17:49:30 ===
> Error : nxdomain
> [...]

nxdomain means "non-existent domain". The nxdomain error report from Erlang is just relayed to you after Erlang's httpd (or http client) received an NXDOMAIN error from a DNS.

It can be caused by:

1) a badly-formed URL somewhere in the code
2) network configuration problems in your OS or your network (internet access) etc

First check what URL is causing this, then try to ping the machine etc. and make sure your network is working.

Best regards,

Dominic Williams


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