Help with Dialyzer

Guy Wiener <>
Tue Mar 23 16:28:45 CET 2010

Hello everyone,
Following my last question, I tried to run dialyzer, but
got immediately into problems.
To run, dialyzer is looking for a PLT that includes, preferably, the entire
standard Erlang library. However, the stdlib does not come with debug
information, so the dialyzer cannot proceed.
I looked in all the dialyzers manuals that I could find. They all suggest
how to build the PLT for the stdlib, but do not mention how to get the debug
info for it.
Do I have to re-build the entire Erlang library with debug info in order to
run the dialyzer? What is the simplest way to do so? It there a simpler way?
I am using Erlang R13B01 taken from the Ubuntu repository.

Thanks in advance,
  Guy Wiener.

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