More megaco examples?

Gardell, Steven <>
Mon Mar 22 22:15:22 CET 2010

Can anyone point me to some more Megaco examples? I have gotten
the simple MGC talking to a (non-Erlang) MG endpoint, now I want to go
next step and get something like the following out on the wire:
   "MEGACO/3 []:2944 \r\n"
    "TRANSACTION = ".$sendtid ." {\r\n"
    "  CONTEXT = $ { \r\n"
    "    ADD = ip/1/$/$ { \r\n"
    "      MEDIA { \r\n"
    "        STREAM = 1 { \r\n"
    "         LOCALCONTROL { MODE = RECEIVEONLY },\r\n"
    "         LOCAL {\r\n"
    "c=IN IP4 $\r\n"
    "m=audio $ RTP/AVP 8\r\n"
        "a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000\r\n"
    "          }\r\n"
    "    }\r\n"
    "   }\r\n"
    "  }\r\n"
    " }\r\n"
    " }\r\n";
(with suitable variable substitution, of course). I have spent a modest
amount of
time with the documentation, sample code, and include files - but being
to Erlang it is somewhat slow going. Thanks
I am also currious as to whether there is any special signficiance to
#'foo_bar' record convention. I can't seem to find that described

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