[erlang-questions] [proposal] Declarative syntax for metadata (long!)

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Fri Mar 19 15:33:44 CET 2010

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 15:16, Ciprian Dorin, Craciun
<> wrote:
>    What Vlad is describing here as `meta-data and configuration data,
> disguised as Erlang terms, comments or strings` and then he points
> them out: behaviour and supervisor specifications or match
> specifications, sounds to me like DSL's...

Yes and no.

Yes, there would be DSLs, just as there are some simple ones right
now. For example, the list in the -export attribute is not a proper
Erlang term and can be seen as a DSL. Type specifications definitely
are DSLs. Edoc too.

No, in that post I wasn't advocating user defined DSLs. Only their use
in "standard" places instead of worse alternatives.

Regarding metaprogramming in Erlang, it's another issue completely.
For some years ago I submitted a proposal in the form of an EEP, but
was met with a wall of silence
(http://www.erlang.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm-cgi/5/010) and I got sidetracked
on other projects.


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