[erlang-questions] eunit failure - "*** test module not found ***"

Roberto Aloi <>
Tue Mar 16 17:52:31 CET 2010


>  4> eunit:test(csv).
>  undefined
>  *** test module not found ***
>  ::true
>  =======================================================
>    Failed: 0.  Skipped: 0.  Passed: 0.
>  One or more tests were canceled.
>  error
Can you share the content of your "csv" (or "csv_tests") module?
It seems to me eunit can't actually find the "csv" module.
Are you *really* sure it's in the path?

What surprises me a bit is that if I reproduce that error, it will print
::csv to me, rather than ::true.
Which version of eunit are you using?

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