[erlang-questions] Italian User Group

Roberto Aloi <>
Tue Mar 16 15:09:08 CET 2010

Hi all,

+1 for English language for a potential Italian User Group.

I'd like to avoid precluding International visibility to a potential
Italian User Group, at least at this very early stage.
You can still have an "Italian" section of it, for people not confident
enough in expressing their thoughts in English.

The main reason of an Italian EUG, according to me, wouldn't be to offer
Erlang support to people speaking Italian. Honestly, I cannot see myself
(or any of the other Italian Erlangers I know) asking or answering an
Erlang question in Italian AND in English. That would be pointless and
time consuming. And I wouldn't leave the International mailing lists and
groups, because they are just TOO important.
Binding the group to the local language would just isolate it.
Lot of support could actually come from foreign sources (UK, Sweden,
USA) and I would really like this to happen.

The main reason of having an Italian EUG would be - ON THE CONTRARY - to
spread knowledge of Erlang in a Country where PEOPLE SIMPLY DON'T KNOW

So, here's my idea.

Let's try to organize an International Erlang event in Italy, in a city
that is well connected to International destinations (Rome sounds the
perfect candidate so far).

For the interested ones (I'm in) we could use it as an excuse to have a
very first physical meeting to discuss details regarding a user group
(stuff like the statute, legal representatives, etc) and, most
important, to meet each others.

What do you think?

Roberto Aloi
University of Kent - Erlang Solutions Ltd.
Twitter: @prof3ta
Blog: http://aloiroberto.wordpress.com



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