Node uptime

Mazen Harake <>
Tue Mar 16 13:52:27 CET 2010


I have a quick question. What is the easiest way to get the uptime of a 
Node (basically the "runtime" of the VM") *without* having to start 
something myself on startup I.e. it should be a generic solution which 
can run when I simply start a shell in Windows.

Processing logs etc is not a very good idea since they wrap and as 
mentioned, the need to start something myself is a bad idea.

I noticed while poking around in the C code that the ERTS does keep time 
of when processes start (p->started.tv_sec). Would it be possible to add 
the functionality of getting this value through e.g. 
erlang:system_info(runtime) or similar in a future version of Erlang?

Meanwhile... is there another way of doing it?





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