what about little-endians?

Jim Morris <>
Fri Mar 12 23:29:43 CET 2010

I wrote a blog entry with potential solutions for exactly this


I did look in detail at modifying the Erlang code to accept little
endian packet counts, but it is pretty ingrained in several places,
and would not be easy to do.

On Mar 12, 11:45 am, Camilo Cerchiari <>
> i'm ok with writing it just for myself, if it would be so.
> some advice to get started with the code is then what i'm looking for.
> where should i start?
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 17:20, Max Lapshin <> wrote:
> > I think, you will be refused for this feature, because big-endian is
> > standard for network transmission.
> > In this case you will have to write your own buffered demuxer.

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