[erlang-questions] How to get better ranking for erlang.org when googling for erlang

Henning Diedrich <>
Mon Mar 8 23:32:43 CET 2010

I found searching Erlang docs generally more tedious than for other 

adding   site:erlang.org    to the search term turns out to be the 
fastest way to get an answer from erlang.org via web search.

Even then searches can be convoluted. E.g. try "time site:erlang.org". 
The top result page does not even consider itself to be urgently 
relevant, as can be seen from its title: 

I think using some keywords in the doc sources might go a long way. Not 
sure if this could be automated. Otherwise, obviously, that would be 
quite some task.

It could make the web feel a lot friendlier for Erlang newbies though 
and I volunteer to help if somebody takes it upon himself to lead the 
way there.


Chris Duesing wrote:
> Google's currency is links, so we should probably all make sure our
> blogs, tutorials etc all have a link to erlang.org.
> As far as ftp.sunet.se goes, if it is just a mirror and someone here
> controls it they should probably 301 redirect to erlang.org. We don't
> need 2 version of the same site do we?
> On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Kenneth Lundin <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> erlang.org is the official web site for Open Source Erlang and is
>> maintained by us the
>> Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson.
>> When I search for Erlang at Google I notice that the highest ranked hit is
>> the same content as we have on erlang.org but from one of the mirror
>> sites (which also have
>> problems with some llinks). The URL is http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/lang/erlang/.
>> Can anyone give me an explanation for why the mirror site get a higher
>> rank and what I can do to change
>> this and get the highest rank for http://erlang.org or
>> http://www.erlang.org instead?
>> I also notice that a search at Yahoo give me the result I want i.e
>> http://www.erlang.org as the highest ranked hit.
>> /Kenneth, Erlang/OTP , Ericsson
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