schedulers binding error

Angel <>
Fri Mar 5 18:40:33 CET 2010


after compiling erlang on a itanium numa machine i cant use +sbt flag

No cpu topology is detected, after asking here and playing a bit I got:

erl +sct L0c0p0N0:L1c1p1N0:L2c2p2N1:L3c3p3N1:L4c4p4N2:L5c5p5N2:L6c6p6N3:L7c7p7N3:L8c8p8N4:L9c9p9N4:L10c10p10N5:L11c11p11N5

that get me 12 procs over 6 numa nodes, good!!

but playing a bit with a lot of processes showed me that erlang was not fully use all proccesors

So i relayed to use +sbt to see how binding changes cpu stats....

but erlang refuses to use any bindings:

 otp_src_R13B04]$ erl +scyt ... +sbt u  +A6 
setting scheduler bind type 'u' failed: not supported

 otp_src_R13B04]$ erl +scyt ... +sbt nnps  +A6 
setting scheduler bind type 'nnps' failed: not supported

My kernel is 2.4.21-sgi306rp12  Its too old for this!!! isn't it?


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