[erlang-questions] Tokyo Erlang Workshop #4, 7pm tonight, at Oracle Japan meeting room (Gaienmae, Tokyo, Japan)

Kenji Rikitake <>
Thu Mar 4 03:45:22 CET 2010

I had a question about Tokyo Erlang Workshop #4 + Erlounge. Here's the
summary. (26-FEB-2010 7pm-9pm at Gaienmae, Tokyo, Japan)

The meeting was very good. 5 notable talks other than mine. Attendance:
60 to 70 people.  Erlounge attendance: 20 to 30 people.  Meeting venue:
Oracle Japan Center.  Erlounge venue: local cafe very close to the
meeting venue.

Notable speakers (except me, talked about sshrpc):

@higepon in Twitter, aka Taro Minowa, of Cybozu Labs (one of very few
eccentric but very interesting corporate labs in Japan), presented his
Erlang implementation of skip lists, called mio (at GitHub).  He has
already written the English slides for mio, so I strongly suggested him
to submit a talk to Erlang Factory London or Erlang User Conference in
Stockholm this year.

@cooldaemon in Twitter, aka Masahito Ikuta, who presented RabbitMQ tips
and hacks, made the local arrangement work.  He also runs a workshop for
Erlang beginners and very enthusiastic.

@takemaru_jp in Twitter, aka Takeru Inoue, a PhD researcher in NTT,
presented the basics on distributed file system algorithms.  He is a
principal developer of Kai (at GitHub).  He is now focusing on Web
authentication, similar to OAuth or OpenID.

@voluntas in Twitter, aka Ryosuke Nakai, who is building network
authentication software at Accense Technology, presented a talk about
OMake (Ocaml's kitbuilding software).  He actually uses Erlang for his
business.  He has been enthusiastically supporting Erlang activities in

@kuenishi in Twitter, aka Kota Uenishi, is also a researcher in NTT.
This time he presented how to provide a fast I/O in Erlang with NIF,
linked-in driver, or port driver.

All of the above five developers/activists will respond well in English
if you send them questions.

Kenji Rikitake

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