[erlang-questions] dns server

Kenji Rikitake <>
Thu Mar 4 03:25:53 CET 2010

Kota Uenishi releases a DNS cache called bine:

I wonder, however, what means the *decent server*,
for now, at the coming age of DNSSEC.
Implementing DNSSEC validation is a huge task
and the situation is unstable.

And DNS software has three roles:
* authoritative server
* cache
* stub resolver
What does the server do?

Kenji Rikitake
(who's got his nervous wreck many times dealing with
 the cloud monster called DNS)

In the message <>
dated Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 03:58:05PM -0800,
Joe Williams <> writes:
> Anyone have any suggestions? Bueller?
> -Joe
> On 2/27/10 1:01 AM, Joe Williams wrote:
> >
> >Anyone know of a decent OSS DNS server implementation in Erlang? I 
> >found http://code.google.com/p/erldir/ and 
> >http://eddie.sourceforge.net/ but they are both out of date and no 
> >longer maintained it seems.
> >
> >Thanks for any suggestions.
> >
> >-Joe
> >

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