[erlang-questions] advices for itanium compilation

Mikael Pettersson <>
Wed Mar 3 21:21:52 CET 2010

Angel <> wrote:
> Some mates allowed me to play with erlang on a 16 CPU SGI
> itanium with Red Hat Advanced server (SGI propack something).
> where can i pick a suitable rpm for this beast?
> Can i rebuild a normal source rpm for Redhat AS on itanium or i have to
> make some croscompile...?

That box should be plenty powerful enough to build Erlang natively
without any cross-compilation. As for src rpms, RH AS is AFAIK fairly
old so I wouldn't expect a src rpm tuned for e.g. Fedora to work as-is.

Why not just download the otp_src tarball, unpack it, and build it
normally? (./configure; make)

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