[erlang-questions] 4 questions for my app

Angel <>
Wed Mar 3 19:55:33 CET 2010

On Miércoles, 3 de Marzo de 2010 06:12:58 NavTux escribió:
> I need to do a erlang chat application to show the performance
> Basically I should know the basic things to do
> 1.What are the tools to use?
> 2.What are the modules i need to have?
> 3.How many days i have to take?
> 4.Finally How should it contailn?
> I am having these questions in my mind steadily,but as well as i
> should know the answers soon to start my contribution can you help me??
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Just search the pargmatic programmers web site, there are a serie of webcasts 
on making a chat applicantion, i cant remeber the link but googlw is your 
friend ;-)


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