EPM - an Erlang package manager

Tim Watson <>
Tue Mar 2 22:55:28 CET 2010

> Love it. Generating at least skeletons for release scripts and other otp packaging noise would be nice, but I get why that's not a high priority. Obviously using other repositories besides github would be nice - perhaps an abstracted API so people can easily write plugins to get distributions from other scm/repository sources? It would be extremely cool if it would by default, instead of running Make, glob together all the .erl (and similar) files and generate an Emakefile pointing to the (configurable) ebin directory, then run make:all() on it and (optionally) remove the file after. That way I don't have to write a Makefile unless I actually need one - just an app file will do. An perhaps defaulting `epm test' to fire up ct_run or eunit would be nice too? This gives you the whole feeling you get with maven of "the tool understands my project structure" - except that epm is infinitely nicer than maven because it's not over complicated. 
> On 2 Mar 2010, at 00:28,  wrote:
>> EPM - an Erlang package manager

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