[erlang-questions] EPM - an Erlang package manager

Gleb Peregud <>
Tue Mar 2 14:19:21 CET 2010

I've got two questions:

1) Are packages in EPM repo (github.com/epm/) automatically updated somehow?
2) What kind of alternative repositories (i.e. not github) are you
considering to support?


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 10:09, Jacob Vorreuter <> wrote:
> I've recently been working on a RubyGems-style package manager for Erlang and would like to hear people's thoughts/criticisms.
> There's nothing to install. You simply download the EPM escript. It uses GitHub as its package repository.
> This is meant mainly for development purposes and does not deal with packaging or deploying OTP releases.
> You can read my post about it here: http://jkvor.com/erlang-package-manager
> The executable is available here: http://github.com/JacobVorreuter/epm
> I'd be interested to hear suggestions of how to make this a more useful tool.
> Thanks,
> Jake
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