[erlang-questions] Dialyzers dependency on wx seems to be broken

Eric Merritt <>
Tue Mar 2 04:53:09 CET 2010


 I use dialyzer programmatically in sinan. It gets included into the
sinan release as an application. So the release handler tries to start
it. It fails because of the broken wx app.


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 1:18 AM, Kostis Sagonas <> wrote:
> Eric Merritt wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>  The version of dialyzer released with R13B04 has a direct application
>> dependency on wx. This seems to broken as wx is not a startable
>> application. I suspect that this should be specified as a library
>> application so that it is not required to be started for dialyzer to
>> start.
> Hi Eric,
> I admit I have trouble understanding your message.  In its default mode,
> dialyzer does not require the presence of 'wx'.  It only requires it if you
> start dialyzer using:
>        dialyzer --gui --wx
> Can it be that you are you referring to the following line in file
> dialyzer.app?
>  {applications, [compiler, gs, hipe, kernel, stdlib, wx]},
> I am not an expert on .app files and how they should be structured, but I
> see the dependency to 'wx' there analogous to that of 'hipe', 'kernel',
> 'stdlib' etc. which also do not have a start() function.
> Anyway, feel free to suggest a concrete change and we'll adopt it.
> Kostis

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