[erlang-patches] spawn to rpc, filter, etc.

bile <>
Tue Mar 2 04:11:22 CET 2010

Could I get some feedback on the possibility of getting one of these
versions of the filtered rpc / spawn into the main tree before I go and
rework the existing one?

1) Current version: remote spawn moved to rex. erlang:spawn sends
messages to rex rather than net_kernel. Issue: Old nodes could spawn on
new nodes but not new on old.

2) Keep spawn in rex. erlang:spawn sends messages to net_kernel which
forwards on to rex. Issues: looses {From,Tag} unless gen:call is more
or less duplicated within net_kernel:spawn or gen module gets the
ability to forward messages. Extra hop.

3) Leave rex and spawn separate, place the filter logic in one of the
modules and have the other communicate with it to filter. Issues:
creates dependency on the module, adds extra hop for module not
containing filter.

4) Leave rex and spawn separate, place filters in both independent of
one another. Issues: duplicated logic, separate filters.

I'm leaning toward 4.


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