specifying NULL when using ODBC param_query

Saurabh Narula <>
Tue Jun 22 10:38:44 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way to specify a null value when using ODBC param_query,
in case of SQL_Query we do not really end up facing this problem as we
build our own query string and then execute sql_query, sql_query is
potentially unsafe of sql injection attacks, and thus using
param_query makes alot of sense, but param query makes it hard to
specify the data type nuetral NULL value, if we try specifying blank
values like 0 in case of number and "" in case of string, these blank
values will end up taking space in the database and thus would be
expensive in terms of memory consumption, a database specific NULL
value would leave the field null with no memory consumption.

Thank you everyone in advance.


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