Bug in test specifications, Common Test 1.5 (OTP R14A)

Peter Andersson <>
Sat Jun 19 01:33:06 CEST 2010


I just wanted to inform you that I've found a silly bug in the latest
version of Common Test, v1.5 (i.e. OTP R14A). The problem is that the
logdir term in a test specification gets discarded at startup. So, if
no explicit logdir start option is given, "./" will be used as log
directory, regardless what's stated in the test specification. Bummer.

The error has been corrected and the fix will show up in the pu branch
next week some time. Keep an eye open for it if this problem affects

Sorry about the inconvenience! :-$


The Erlang/OTP team,
Ericsson AB

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