heart restarting erlang node

tom kelly <>
Wed Jun 16 16:11:20 CEST 2010

Hi List,

We're experiencing a weird problem here where our node seems to
spontaneously reboot. It looks like heart is causing it but we can't figure
out why.

It has occurred at irregular intervals ranging from 8 hours to two days
since we first noticed it last week. "hwclock" and "date" are in sync and
the machine is not using NTP. We're sure we're not approaching any system
limit and the load on the machine doesn't seem to be a factor either.

If anyone has experienced this before we'd be extremely grateful for any
The relevant section of the log is below.


===== ALIVE Tue Jun 15 19:12:56 BST 2010

===== ALIVE Tue Jun 15 19:27:56 BST 2010

===== ALIVE Tue Jun 15 19:42:56 BST 2010

===== Tue Jun 15 19:51:08 BST 2010
heart: Tue Jun 15 19:51:08 2010: Erlang has closed.
/usr/lib/erlang/lib/os_mon-2.1.8/priv/bin/memsup: Erlang has closed.
Erlang has closed
heart: Tue Jun 15 19:51:09 2010: Executed "/usr/lib/erlang/bin/run_erl
-daemon /var/run/em/pipe/ /em/log/ "/usr/bin/erl -env ERL_MAX_PORTS 128000
+P 128000 +A 256 -sname  -heart -smp enable +K true -pa
../libs/yaws/ebin -pa ../libs/xmlrpc/ebin -pa gui/mgmt/ebin -pa gui/ebin -pa
ebin -mnesia dir '\"/em/db\"' -config /em/system.config -yaws embedded true
-s em_boot"". Terminating.

===== LOGGING STARTED Tue Jun 15 19:51:09 BST 2010
heart_beat_kill_pid = 11874
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.5 [source] [64-bit] [smp:12]
[async-threads:256] [hipe] [kernel-poll:true]

starting em...
Eshell V5.6.5  (abort with ^G)
()1> 2010-06-15 19:51:09 <0.41.0> em_main INFO: starting
2010-06-15 19:51:09 <0.44.0> em_main INFO: starting sasl...
=PROGRESS REPORT= 2010-06-15 19:51:09 <0.50.0>

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