[erlang-questions] inet_res:getbyname/2 and udp:connect/3

Tony Rogvall <>
Wed Jun 16 02:22:55 CEST 2010

> What version of OTP did you try on? What OS?
> --Per

Erlang R13B04 (erts-5.7.5) [source] [smp:2:2] [rq:2] [async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]


Darwin p13 10.3.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.3.0: Fri Feb 26 11:58:09 PST 2010; root:xnu-1504.3.12~1/RELEASE_I386 i386

Something with the loopback interface ?
Is it possible to trace the loopback interface and see that it generates the ICMP?
Try an other interface where there is a host ...


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