Re: [erlang-questions] [ANN] — online tutorials and interactive console

Roberto Aloi <>
Mon Jun 14 11:29:17 CEST 2010

Hi all,

> It was supposed to be a quiet launch, and we got 2500+ unique visitors
> in the first 12 hours. Mostly experienced users, judging from the 
> creative attempts to sink the system :-). No one has suceeded yet, the
> only short outage we had was load related, where the VM (Not the
> Erlang 
> one) could not cope with the traffic.
Yep. This was the main reason.

> Roberto likes a nice challenge. If you are able to get past his
> security 
> measures and kill the site (Dos attacks do not count, as it is still
> not 
> running on its dedicated machine), he has promised to cook you a 
> delicious home made Sicilian dinner ;-)
lol. Well, I'm a bit busy at the moment with patching after the recent attacks but feel free to visit a Sicilian restaurant in your favourite city and to charge Erlang Solutions for it :-p
For those who are in London, I'll be very happy to discuss the attacks in front of one or two beers :)


Roberto Aloi
University of Kent - Erlang Solutions Ltd.
Twitter: @prof3ta




Since January 1st 2010 Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. has become ERLANG SOLUTIONS LTD.

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