Shutting down Mnesia with replicas and dirty reads

Igor Ribeiro Sucupira <>
Fri Jun 11 20:06:21 CEST 2010


I'm doing some shutdown tests with Mnesia, which are equivalent to
this scenario:
- A Mnesia pool with 3 nodes. Let's call them X, Y, and Z.
- Nodes X and Y both hold a copy of all data.
- Node Z is performing reads and writes, but doesn't have any local
data (Mnesia ends up being just a "router" to X and Y).
- I stop Mnesia on node X and see what happens.

It seems that the only operations that fail are sync_dirty reads
(which are the only dirty operations I perform). From a quick look at
Mnesia's source code, I believe this is expected to happen (for I
dirty read, Mnesia just checks the where_to_read property and performs
the operation on that node, without retrying).

My question is: using transactions/sync_transactions, are all
operations guaranteed to succeed even if one of the replicas goes down
during the operation, as long as there's at least one replica
remaining, accessible and perfectly operational?


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