Erlang @ CUFP in Baltimore 2/10 Talk Submission Deadline

Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) <>
Tue Jun 8 00:58:42 CEST 2010

Hi All,

a note to say that the deadline to submit a talk at the Commercial Users 
of Functional programming workshop in Baltimore is the 15th of June. 
While I would love to see Erlang strongly represented at the workshop, 
it is up to you to submit a talk proposal. There will be no published 
proceedings, as the meeting is intended to be more a discussion forum 
than a technical interchange.

We're looking for two kinds of talks:

*Experience reports* are typically 25 minutes long, and aim to inform 
participants about how functional programming plays out in real-world 
applications, focusing especially on lessons learned and insights 
gained. Experience reports don't need to be highly technical; 
reflections on the commercial, management, or software engineering 
aspects are, if anything, more important. You do not need to submit a paper!

*Technical talks* are expected to be 30-45 minutes long, and should 
focus on teaching the audience something about a technical technique or 
methodology, from the point of view of someone who has seen it play out 
in practice. These talks could cover anything from techniques for 
building functional concurrent applications, to managing dynamic 
reconfigurations, to design recipes for using types effectively in 
large-scale applications. While these talks will often be based on a 
particular language, they should be accessible to a broad range of 
functional programmers.

For more information and submission details, visit the CUFP website at

See you there!





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