Missing SQL

Henning Diedrich <>
Fri Jun 4 00:12:56 CEST 2010

Harald Weppner and I got into a brief exchange about his experience 
using key-value-stores.

One central theme ran like this:

"The main issue with key-value stores and dropping SQL is that 
relationships don't magically go away and that you constantly juggle the 
question of whether it's better to represent relationships in the value 
or in the key."

More here: http://www.eonblast.com/blog/missing-sql/

Disclaimer: I am currently working on Erlvolt, which is an Erlang API to 
VoltDB, which promises  scaling, ACID and SQL. Obviously I like that 
promise a lot.

Before anyone get's sad, let me just say that there are different tools 
best suited for different applications.


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