[erlang-questions] log4erl as system logger

Damian Dobroczyński <>
Wed Jun 2 14:30:11 CEST 2010

W dniu 02.06.2010 12:13, Max Lapshin pisze:
> Hi. I want to use log4erl as a default error logger for all system (to
> log all process failures),
> but I don't understand how.
> What part of erlang documentation have I missed? Where should I read
> to understand, how to change logger.

I've looked at the log4erl code and there is a module called
"error_logger_log4erl_h" which implements gen_event behavior and acts as
a "bridge" between error_logger protocol and log4erl protocol.
Apparently, you have to add this handler to the standard event_logger
process so that all other processes using error_logger calls may be
logged by log4erl logger. I think you cannot replace standard
error_logger because log4erl do not implement error_logger protocol.
Both must co-exists within the system.


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