[erlang-questions] Which Erlang JSON parser?

Alexander Kotelnikov <>
Fri Jul 30 11:59:49 CEST 2010

>>>>> On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 16:19:43 -0400
>>>>> "PD" == Paul Davis <> wrote:
PD> I'm the author of http://github.com/davisp/eep0018.git If you send me
PD> any of the rebar errors you had while building I can take a look. I
PD> haven't heard of anyone having issues with it, but my first guess is
PD> that its an issue with which version of Erlang you're using. If memory
PD> serves, that version requires R13B and hasn't been upgraded to R14 NIF
PD> api yet.

Then I believe that problem is that I am running R12B.

Also my personal feeling is that it is evil to distribute binary build

PD> If you're looking for a good JSON parser, I would recommend either the
PD> mochijson2.erl parser or one of the C implementations. mochijson2 is
PD> pretty solid and has been tested extensively. The C based ones can
PD> give some pretty good speedups for large decoding operatiosn though,
PD> so that might be a motivaton against. And IIRC, Alisdair's latest
PD> decoder is stream based so you can use it for incremental parsing if
PD> you need that.

My expectation was that parser written after a standard might be
more... predictable. Also, if you find that one is buggy you can switch
to another relatively easily. Probably I will have a look at
mochijson/mochijson2 now. Thanks

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