Edoc crashes when called from command line

tanduy <>
Fri Jul 30 04:44:40 CEST 2010

> A quick and easy solution is to use:
> erl -run edoc files a.erl

Hi Gleb Peregud.

In module a.erl change function a/0 to a/1 like this to test: a(Arg) -
> io:format("~p",[Arg]).
    1. erl -noinput -run a a a.erl b.erl -s init stop
        -> Arg = ["a.erl","b.erl"]
    2. erl -noinput -s a a a.erl b.erl -s init stop
        -> Arg = ['a.erl','b.erl']

if you run command:
    erl -run edoc files a.erl many html files are created.

So you can use this command:
    1. Document only come from module a.erl: erl -noinput -eval
'edoc:file("a.erl")' -s init stop
    2. Document come from overview.edoc and a.erl: erl -noinput -eval
'edoc:files(["a.erl"])' -s init stop


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