[erlang-questions] VM silently exits

Vinayak Pawar <>
Thu Jul 29 04:04:04 CEST 2010

> With R13B04 running on Montavista Linux, I've seen a few cases
> recently where the Erlang VM simply exits without any log messages,
> crash dumps, or coredumps. It appears to happen only after days of
> running under load, making it hard to reproduce and investigate. It
> may be related to memory consumption, but I'm not sure. External
> programs like heart and memsup simply report "Erlang has closed,"
> which according to the source code means they each got a return value
> of 0 from read() on their connection to the VM, which in turn would
> seem to indicate that the VM side of the connection was simply closed.
> This would all seem to indicate that the VM was either killed by
> another process or that it called exit() itself. The Linux "OOM
> killer" is disabled on this system, and I don't know of any other
> process that would be killing the VM. There are no alarms in the logs
> about hitting memory high watermarks or anything like that, and we
> aren't using any options to change allocators or anything like that.
> Anybody ever seen anything like this?
> Hi Steve,

Yes, we've noticed this silent exit behaviour of Erlang VM (R13B04) on
Fedora 12. In our case, about ~12K YAWS/HTTP processes were in contention to
get lock for compiling same YAWS page. We changed YAWS cache refresh
interval to some very high figure and got rid of this problem.


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