[ANN] Open Source Release of 'Hibari,' A Database for Big Data

Joseph Wayne Norton <>
Tue Jul 27 18:01:08 CEST 2010

I wanted to share this announcement about the open sourcing of a  
non-relational, distributed database ... implemented in Erlang.

Gemini Mobile Technologies (″Gemini″) announced at ″Wireless
Japan 2010″ in Tokyo that it will release Hibari (meaning
″Cloud Bird″ in Japanese) as open source. Hibari is a database
optimized for the highly reliable, highly available storage of
massive data, so-called ″Big Data.″

Hibari is developed in Erlang, and is released under the Apache license.
Hibari provides highly-versatile APIs including Amazon S3,
JSON-RPC-RFC4627, Universal Binary Protocol, and soon-to-be-released
Thrift, Avro and Google's Protocol Buffers; Hibari supports Java, C/C++,
Python, Ruby, and Erlang. Gemini plans to provide Hadoop Map-Reduce
integration as well as a commercial license which includes updates and


Hibari download site - http://sourceforge.net/projects/hibari/
About Gemini Mobile Technologies - http://www.geminimobile.com/
About Hibari - http://www.geminimobile.com/technologies/technologiesDB.html

For the complete announcement, please see here:


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