Setting type of service (ToS) byte on built-in Erlang to Erlang TCP communications

Francis Joanis <>
Mon Jul 12 19:10:07 CEST 2010

Hello all,

I'm currently evaluating Erlang for a new project and I'm pretty
excited about it :) I'm still learning the language so please bear
with me ;)

Is it possible to set the ToS byte on the IP packets used by Erlang
for node-to-node communications (i.e. when using net_adm:ping or when
sending a message to a remote process)?

I'd be interested into setting it once for all node-to-node packet
exchange. I've seen inet:setopts/2 which can take {tos, Integer}, but
I was wondering if it could be applied to the node-to-node socket(s)
at runtime or using a configuration param.

If it can't I guess there's always the path of recompiling OTP but I
was hoping for an alternative.


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