[erlang-questions] Let's start a project for a (MMO-)Game in Erlang... (inspired by "Erlang: Who uses it for games?")

Michael Truog <>
Sat Jul 10 08:09:27 CEST 2010

I vote for "Google Groups"/"Google Wave"/GitHub/BSD_License
I am neutral on "Google Code"

This is not legal advice!

The BSD license does make it easier for companies to profit directly
from all work, but it also helps the code get more external development
which impacts the core open-source code.  The direction the GPL license
has gone (even trying to discourage commercial usage of GPL code as a
service without submitting the code changes) seems to discourage much
serious usage of open-source software in competitive industries (i.e.,
industries that depend on lots of proprietary secrets that must
integrate directly with open-source software).

I don't think there is a problem with the old style of the BSD license,
but die-hard GPL believers would probably disagree (and favor the new
style BSD license).

I have not seen a good reason why the LGPL is better than a BSD/MIT
license (BSD seems clearer and more concise to me).  The difference
seems like it is the difference between SYSV and BSD (i.e., different
people with different ideas doing the same stuff in different ways).

So, the BSD license can help companies take an active role in
development, if they choose to.  It would be counter-productive for a
company to not help out the project they depend on, if that is the case.

This is not legal advice!

On 07/09/2010 10:40 PM, Boris Mühmer wrote:
> Thank You for the first responses in such a short time.
> Where should we set up a project? Would "Google Code" be a good place
> to start at? Maybe use "Google Groups"/"Google Wave" for
> communication? What other alternatives are there? I currently only
> know of C#/.Net places... An "no", I don't work for Google, still I
> like the tools they provide... :-)
> I had a brief look at some sites. Many need a "license" for a project.
> Which one should be used?
> What kind of repository system should be used? Would "Git" be ok?
>   - boris
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